Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer week #4

June 11-17

Our schedule is going to be packed from now until after the fourth of July.  It makes me a bit anxious when I have to leave my house for long periods of time because I know there are so many things waiting for me to do when I get back!  This week was no exception... 

The best part of this week was our Patterson reunion up at Harriman State park (right next to Island Park).  Spencer found this awesome bunk house/cabin that slept 40 and has a great big kitchen and dining area.  We had a blast.  My favorite part was  the canoe ride.  We went just before dusk and we paddled five miles down river.  The sun was in it's perfect golden hour coloring and we saw moose mamas and babies and we saw so many different birds and fish.  It was absolutely serene.  It will forever stay in my mind.  Idaho is beautiful.

We also loved seeing all the kids together.  They make up games and they play and tease each other.  They took pictures of license plates when we went into Yellowstone Park for the day.  The got all 50 except for Mississippi I think? I don't know but they had a blast.  There's nothing like cousins!

The cousins all wanted to watch a little movie one night so they crammed on one bunk, and when they ran out of room there they laid on top of the partial walls around the bed.  

 Jesse took me for a walk.  It's a good thing my sisters have babies and toddlers for me to play with! 

Yellowstone was cold and rainy but stunning as always. 

As soon as we got back to Twin Falls the Robinsons brought out their hammocks and we hardly saw the kids on the ground again...

We missed Kendra and Ryan and family because baby Cora was still hanging out with her {exhausted} mama. 
 And Trevor was home working on tractors and cutting hay.  See you in the winter Trev!!

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