Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer week #2

Summer week #2
May 28-June 3

This week has been awesome!  None of the summer activities (swimming, clogging, piano etc.) have started yet so we have just been taking the week off!  It's been crazy toasty hot.  I don't mind!

Jenna had her Clogging performances this week.  Both Friday and Saturday nights were packed!  It is so fun to watch clogging--kid of like watching a drum line.  I love the rhythms!

We have been pretty laid back this week.  I figure we will have lots of time to be busy but this week we don't have swimming or piano lessons or any other practices.  We did set up our job assignments for the summer.  But other than that we have been reading and playing and hanging out.  Rustin loves it when we are lazy...

I finally planted PERENNIALS in the flower beds.  I went to Lowe's one day and they had racks of really great perennials on sale for $3.  I brought home a bunch and now I can't stop!  I want to make flower beds everywhere!  Rustin is making me finish the projects I have started before I get going on another but I haven't been this enthusiastic about flower beds for years.  It's a ton of fun! I'll have to take before and after pictures.

And we welcomed new little chickens.  And planted our garden in the first time in three (or six...) years.

The most exciting news of this week--the lawnmower quit working after I had Benson fill it up with old, yucky gas.  We didn't have two weeks to wait for the repair shop to have time to look at it so---I looked it up on YouTube and I cleaned out the carburetor!!  All by myself!!

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