Friday, April 5, 2013

Up awake!

I am just coming out of a looong winter's nap... or so it feels.  

Spring has sprung.  The daffodils are blooming (time to plant potatoes and peas!) and the pussy willows have sprouted. We had a fantastic spring break and a really nice Easter.  One day I woke up and the winter haze of tiredness and mental drudgery cleared.  Yea!

Our cute dog Paisley is pregnant.  We bred her with a white poodle. We are anxiously expecting Goldendoodle puppies mid-May!

I have spent a lot of time working on our Goldendoodle web site.  It takes me twice as long as it should as I try to learn the new programs. 

I've been busy re-reading some of my favorite training articles and including links to them on the site's web pages.  Clicker training is a thought process that has influenced my perspective in everything from parenting and relationships to how I get the dishes done.  I find behavior modification fascinating! In my next life I will totally be a B.F. Skinner groupie.   

I have lots of family stuff to write about now that my brain is starting to clear out the winter cobwebs. Jenna and I have been cooking our way through a new cookbook, I used a computer program to draw up all the landscaping plans for the back yard and Jackson is a crazy, ladder-climbing,  three-baths-a-day toddler! Among other things...

For now, check out a post I wrote a post about teaching Paisley to 'come' when called.  

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Jamie Hatch said...

Can I come and visit when the potatoes and peas are on. I still relish the last meal of new potatoes and peas at your house. I'm excited you'll be having puppies so soon, but I'll admit, I'm not as excited about dog training as you. I'm glad somebody enjoys it!