Friday, April 19, 2013


 I pretty much love all holidays but a holiday that includes Spring is especially awesome!

Rustin and I both grew up doing baskets and egg hunts on Saturday.  When all the kids were small we would tell the them that if we color eggs and  leave them out where they can be seen, then the Easter Bunny can't help but come by and hide them.   So we color eggs on Saturday morning and leave them out while we go for a walk or something.  Then we have an egg/basket  hunt on Saturday afternoon. 

Our Easter Bunny is especially handsome.

Most years we pack up our egg sandwiches and go out to Balanced Rock in Castelford but we didn't make it out there this year.

This Easter our chickens gave us a head start in the coloring department so we had some really 
beautiful egg colors!

We thanked them with an Easter treat of their own.

 This year we had some plastic eggs and I put some money in a gold egg and a silver egg.  It made for an enthusiastic egg hunt!

And might I mention that Paisley found and devoured her own share of eggs.  She pretty much eats anything but dog food--apples, cantaloupe, eggs, noodles, bananas, name it.

I had great intentions of sewing cute spring inspired Pottery-barn-esque Easter bags like my sister made but it didn't get done.  One of these years...

Next year remind me to skip the grass in Jackson's basket...
 (picture him saying "Mine" and "hey" a thousand times...)
(of course his thieving brothers probably had something to do with that...)

Now I am thoroughly determined to make this hydrangea plant grow somewhere in my yard!

Happy Spring!

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