Friday, April 12, 2013


Jackson is two!

If it weren't for the fact that every stage the kids go through is cuter and more fun than the previous one, this "birthday" stuff would really make me panic.  

Here are a few facts about Jackson:
Jackson eats everything we give him.  Probably because he is almost always sitting on someone's lap at meal time.
Jack and Beau have a special bond.  They snuggle together every day. 
Jackson is decidedly right handed and he can really throw!
He talks more than any of our kids have at this age.  
His personality is very similar to Dallin and Landon at his age--he's a crazy, jumping, laughing, throwing, biting, snuggling, climbing, determined toddler!  
He looks most like Benson did at his age. And he is FAST like Benson. 
He likes to read (and read and read...) and play with legos like Austin did.
He colors like Jenna did at his age. Very meticulous. 
He has blue eyes and light brown hair--more hair than any of our other
kids have had at his age.
He sings all around the house and he matches pitches.
When he wants me to stop talking or get off the phone
he will say "pause, pause..."
 He will choose to 'rock-a-bye' with the older boys as much as with mom and dad.
 He sleeps in a bed with Benson and he has never woken up at night since
we moved him in with his brother. Benson says his favorite thing about Saturday is that Jackson wakes him up in the morning and they play on their bed together. 
He loves to go  to sleep at night snuggled "down a Daddy." 


Jamie Hatch said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jamie Hatch said...

happy Birthday Jack!