Thursday, February 7, 2013

The big break-up

I finally broke up with Brandon Sanderson.

I must admit this is one of my harder break-ups.  You know that feeling when you realize that your day has lost purpose and there is nothing to look forward to?  That's me tonight.

I hate finishing a book.

My boys sucked me into fantasy-type epic adventure stories years ago when I started reading out loud at night to keep myself from going insane while trying to make my small children go to bed.  Our first adventure together was The Hobbit.  Which is still a favorite for us.

Long book series are the worst for me because of the time commitment.  Thankfully all the books in my current obsession have been written.  Waiting for the conclusion to an awesome story is torture.

We are currently waiting for the next installment of the  Stormlight series. (also by Brandon Sanderson)  We loved the first Stormlight book.  When the boys and I are reading a book we love we will read for hours at night until I cannot keep from slurring the words together.  Then they chuck pillows at my head as I nod off mid-word until it becomes physically impossible for me to keep my eyes open.  We have rarely read about a hero as awesome as Kaladin.  We are waiting on pins and needles for the next book...

Speaking of waiting--Rustin just finished the last book in a series that he has been reading for--TWENTY-THREE years.  Seriously.  23 big ones.  I started reading the books as well but got lost somewhere around the fifth book...The author actually died before he finished the series.  Thankfully some fellow fantasy epic adventure fans got together and hired Brandon Sanderson (BYU English professor) to finish the 13th and 14th books in the Wheel of Time series.

This week I have been reading the Mistborn Trilogy.  My big boys have been trying to get me to read these books for months.  The problem is that I am a binge reader.  I can't stop in the middle of a story.  I have been known to make dinner  while holding a book in front of my nose which doesn't go so well for the dinner--or for any other chore for that matter.

I have ten loads of washed-and-not-put-away clothes to prove my current level of book drunkenness.

How many people can come up with ten loads of laundry at a time?  Sheesh. I just recently discovered that Benson has been wearing his socks day and night until one of them actually gets a hole in it.  Bleeh!  Honestly! The sheepish look on his face when he explained his sock wearing theory was priceless.  He hates looking for socks almost as much as I hate matching them.

Anyway, the sun came out for a couple of spring preview days which inspired me to pull my beloved seed catalogs out.  I can't wait to get out and get things planted.  I have a million projects in mind but tomorrow we are expecting another snow storm so I will just have to go tackle the neglected laundry.  And socks.

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Jamie Hatch said...

uhm, speaking of laundry... mine is waiting for me... now I feel guilty.