Friday, February 15, 2013


Landon wrestling  against Canyon Ridge
 Wrestling is something that has always come naturally to Dallin and Landon.  {As Dallin put it when they were young, "we've been wrestling since before we were born and Landon stole all my blood." (Twin to twin transfusion--Landon had extra blood shunted to him through the placenta, Dallin was super anemic)}

This year is no different!

Wrestling in high school has been the most intense sport that the boys have participated in.  They come home with their clothes literally dripping with sweat.  The workout are hands-down more difficult than anything the boys have done so far--and they have done some intense workouts.

Dallin missed a good portion of the year with his knee injury. He tried to get back into the swing of things right after Christmas only to have his knee swell up to double its size again.  So he went back to physical therapy and we had a family fast and many prayers for him.  His knee improved rapidly and he was able to get back into workouts mid-January. He found it extremely difficult to keep up after a couple of months minimal exercise but he stuck it out and did his best.

This last week we had district finals here in Twin Falls.  Dallin went in as the dark horse at the very bottom of the rankings.  Actually he wasn't ranked at all.  He ended up beating the first place sede in the first round and then went on to beat the fourth place sede for a place in the finals. He ended up 2nd in district overall and will go to State in Pocatello next weekend.  We are thrilled for him!

Landon was ranked 3rd in district and he was the only ranked freshman in the state. He ended up having a much more difficult schedule than Dallin and after a LONG day he placed 4th in district and earned a place at the State competition next weekend as well.  If he hadn't worked so very hard in all those workout this last winter he never would have made it through the six matches he wrestled on Thursday. Wrestling is the only sport I've seen that can leave the athletes so exhausted they literally can't hold themselves up after only 6 minutes of competition.

All the wrestlers show so much courage.  They keep going even though they are injured or hurt  until they have literally exhausted all glucose and glycogen stores their bodies have to offer.  They cheer for each other and offer encouragement and tips.  One kid from another team even offered Landon a tip about how to beat one of his opponents.  It was a long day that was awesome to watch.

Actually I have to admit I don't think mom's are meant to watch their children wrestle. It's so hard to see those expressions of pain.   Dallin and Landon weigh almost exactly the same so I have my fingers crossed that they won't have to wrestle each other...

These beautiful pictures of Landon under were taken by Drew Nash.  Check out his blog for the photo setting specs.
Twin Falls Vs. Canyon Ridge Wrestling Duel--Drew Nash


sariah said...

THose are really cool pictures. Were they done for the newspaper>

Kimberly said...

Yes and the paper photographer has a blog where he puts up all the photos he takes of an event. So cool!