Friday, February 8, 2013


Our chickens have started laying eggs.  It's so exciting for us!  We are really glad we have five easter-egger chickens!  We have some lovely greenish and bluish and pinkish eggs along with a couple shades of brown.  I don't think all the chickens are laying yet.  I am still hoping for a pretty bright blue egg like Jot and Jamie have.  But really finding eggs in the chicken house is fun no matter what!

I can't figure out how to get the camera to capture the true color of the eggs.

Jackson is giving us an early peak into the terrible two's.  When the boys were small everyone told us to "just wait until they're teenagers,"  but Rustin and I think teenagers are our gift for surviving the toddlers.  
This kid is a pill.  Cute but sooo busy. And he can throw a serious fit. 
He runs in and begs for Jenna's horses as soon as she leaves for school so his "guys" have something to ride on.  

 As soon as he gets tired of horses (10 minutes max) he moves on to his next favorite playmate--Beau.
 Poor Beau.  
Can I nominate a dog for the Nobel Peace prize?  
Jackson bites.  
Most people worry about teaching their dogs not to bite their kids.  Our problem is the other way around.  Thankfully Beau doesn't seem to mind too often.  I spend a couple of minutes every day having Jackson hand out the treats while Beau practices sit/down commands.  They both like it. In fact they play together all day.  Jack shares his food and scratches Beau's ears and throws balls all day long. The other day I couldn't find Jackson and I was  calling for him and Beau came running upstairs and then down and back and forth (like Lassie!) to tell me Jack was downstairs.  It's funny how you learn to communicate with animals when you live with them.  

When Jack isn't swiping toys or biting dogs he is begging his brothers to play with him.
He calls Benson "Bents," and Jenna 'Jen' and he makes them come in and sit on the floor by the castle to play with 'guys.'  He tries to make me play with him when the kids are gone but I'm pretty boring.  
He makes Dallin and Landon do push-ups with him on their backs.  
He has a cute little maniacal baby laugh.  I need to record it.

We are waiting out the last melt/freeze/slush days until spring comes in earnest. 
We will confine the chickens to their house and fenced in yard so we can get some much needed work done in the back yard.  I love spring! 


Jamie Hatch said...

I need more chickens.

Kimberly said...

I heard one of your died! I hope it wasn't the one that laid the pretty blue eggs!

lilybit said...

I am so glad that someone else appreciates the color of eggs.