Thursday, May 17, 2012

My bed makeover.

My bed used to look like this.

We had a mishmash of tables and blankets and pillows.  And kids.

When Jackson was born it was time for change. 
To start we repositioned the bed to the other wall where we hung curtains to cover the off center and non-existent windows.
Then we added new bedding. I LOVE sheets.
Rustin gave me sheets for my birthday--he knows nothing makes me happier than new sheets.

I found a hideous solid wood headboard at the DI for $40.

My dad and I carefully chiseled out the old ugly yellow carved 70's style panels.

And replaced them with solid wood.

It would have been WAY too ambitious to strip and try to match stains on the different types of wood.

Soooo-I took the drawers out of my existing dresser and night stands. (kind of Antiqued Cherry) and I took it to Home Depot to color match.  The paint guy insisted it wouldn't work but I did it anyway. I got a $2 sample of the suggested color match.

I used a foam brush and a rag and I rubbed the paint all over the headboard.  It was too purple-ish. So I broke the rules again and rubbed a dark walnut stain over the whole thing and some watered down black around the edges.

The stain refused to dry completely on the old varnished part of the headboard.  The unfinished wood panels did fine with the mix of paint and stain.  We wiped everything down a bunch of times with a cloth or two and then my dad slathered it with sawdust which absorbed the last of the stickiness and then rubbed it down one more time. Then I polished it with some orange oil and--

Much better.  Even though it is still covered with a mishmash of children most of the time.
Total headboard cost $42. 50.
Next up--my bathroom vanity!

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Kendra Child said...

That's awesome, Kim. You're my hero on a budget! (That wasn't meant to sound insulting...)