Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I love spring.

I almost bought chickens today.  Soooo close! I have the cutest little playhouse that my children have abandoned.  {Actually they never played in it.}  
I think the playhouse is begging to be the cutest chicken coop ever. 

But what if my neighbors get mad?  
Would you be mad if your neighbor put five or six chickens in her yard?
Or what if I totally regret the decision in a few months when it's cold outside?

Rustin will have nothing to do with chickens.  Mostly because he CANNOT stand the smell.  He spent many, many childhood weekends and summers working in chicken coops so I guess I can't blame him.  

I think he would change his mind once he saw his lovely children skipping merrily with their little aprons filled with piles of corn to hand feed the sweet and totally tame birds.

I did buy a climbing rose bush today.  That's a big step for me.  I never buy perennials because it requires too much commitment. Planting perennials means I am planning on staying in a house long enough to see the plant thrive.  And perennials will come back every year in the same place.  I can't start over every spring from scratch.  Commitment...

So I bought the rose but I haven't planted it. Baby steps.

I've got a million projects going and a thousand things to write about.  Maybe I'll get it done after I plant the roses. Happy Spring!

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