Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 things I've learned...

About babies in my house.

{in no particular order}

1.  Babies are not capable of manipulation. {he's trying to get me to pick him up--whatever.  he doesn't even realize his hands are connected to his body!} I never take crying personally--babies cry if something is uncomfortable not to try to get me to do something.  Toddlers are another story...

2. Don't over feed. {Sorry Dallin and Landon}.  Babies act like they are hungry all the time.  They only need to eat every 2 -3 hours--that means newborns eat, wake and sleep about every three hours.  For some reason knowing this really helps me feel calm.  I don't know why. Newborns like to take a little cat nap in the middle of nursing.  I still count that as the same feeding.

3.  Sometimes it's easier just to nurse them again--even if #2 is true.

4.  If I try to have my babe go to sleep in his own bed--at least for the last few seconds before drifting off--then he will sleep through the night on his own without a lot of crying.  Except for Benson.  He broke the rules.

5.  Even if I don't follow #4 all the time, he will still sleep eventually. Sometimes I'm just too tired to lay him down, pick back up and comfort, lay down again and repeat until the babe is sleeping. See #3.

6. I like the smell of newborn diapers.  I do.

7.   I don't follow #4 often enough.  Jackson doesn't sleep through the night yet {7 weeks...pretty little still}. I kind of like his little warmness next to me. Spoiled.  I know. He does sleep through Dallin practicing his Bari-sax in the same room.  That counts for something.

8.  Dads have a different way of caring for babies.  If I want Rustin to help then I have to let him learn and do it his way.  Otherwise he will  just give the babe back to me all the time.  Learned that through experience.  It helped to work the evening shift (as a nurse) for a few years.

9.  Dads' ways of taking care of babies are actually pretty awesome.

10.  Babies grow up REALLY fast.  I can never take too many pictures or write down enough memories. Or smooch them too much or hold them too much or smell them......

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