Monday, April 25, 2011

Can it be?

Dallin and Landon age 13 1/2
We have two fourteen-year-olds!  It's true.  It was fourteen years ago that our lives suddenly and completely turned upside down.

Kendra and Ryan saved the day with this ice cream cake when the cake I made fell to pieces.

We were just remembering that night (4 am...) so long ago.  Rustin and I very naively thought we would have another month before babies arrived...  (they came 5 weeks early) Rustin was in the middle of finals (organic chemistry and physics) and we didn't have anything ready for them.

 I remember the next day when Rustin had gone home to shower and nap and the nurses left me alone in my room with two babies. That was the most overwhelming feeling ever.

My mom remembers scouring the mall and stores for any clothing that would fit their  barely 5 lb bodies.  It is a lot easier to find tiny clothes today.  I guess there are more premies these days?

We always love our crazy toddlers but Dallin and Landon were particularly full of it.  Last night we were talking about their younger years.  Kendra remembers them running along in the back yard and Landon tripped and yelled, "Dallin tripped me!"

 Dallin quickly replied "I didn't trip you--it was my magic!"

 I remember watching them boost each other out the ground level window of our Pocatello apartment so they could escape to the nearby swings.

Rustin and I both remember how {before 18 months of age} both boys could get out of their cribs faster than we could get out of their room.

Today Landon can make pancakes from scratch without a recipe.  And he is the designated cookie maker.  Dallin {more than any of the other kids}  has taken like a pro to caring for baby Jack.  And he is very quick to compliment and encourage the younger kids with reading, math or whatever is hard for them. They set a great tone in our house--we couldn't ask for more awesome oldest kids!


InkMom said...

And we don't need a list of current injuries to tell them apart anymore, right?

I must say -- when I learned I was having twin boys, I cried because all I could think of was my husband's identical brothers who push each other's buttons mercilessly. I was somewhat calmed to remember your cute twin boys who, while active and certainly into their fair share of mischief, were so much fun and so engaging. It's nice to see those things haven't changed.

Good job, mom!

Juli said...

I remember seeing your two beautiful babies, laying side by side in the bassinet. That was such an exciting time. I am sorry you didn't get any sleep for 3 years. I wish I could have lived next door so we could help each other. You have two fine, strong, tall, handsome, helpful, young men