Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just for Cinco de Mayo!

How to make the perfect burrito...

First--grab one of these most awesome 'tortillas'--a big square 100% cotton muslin blanket.  It is pretty and light weight so you won't end up with a sweaty baby.  Fold down the top corner.  Fold it more if you have small babe less for a big one.

Second--Place your chosen filling in the center of the wrapping (you want the ears to be about level with the top of the blanket)and fold the corner over the shoulder, across the tummy and tuck snugly under the back (make sure it is smooth so the little one doesn't have to lay on bumps or lumps).

Third--Fold up the bottom.

Fourth--Pull the top right corner down over the shoulder (snug the little arm in close) .

Fifth--Here's where this awesome blanket comes in handy--use the left-over fabric on the right side and pull it UP and around the tummy and under the back keeping everything in place. 

Sixth--snuggle snuggle snuggle.
 and Enjoy!

**Ashlee thanks for introducing me to this blanket.  I love it so much I had to go get another one!


sariah said...

So cute! What a sweet little burrito you have there. :-)

ariel june said...

Kim-I've read this particular blog post like 5 times, trying to successfully swaddle Jori. I can't get it down! She's too wiggly!