Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, week three and injury

This little one is three weeks old today.  This picture was taken two minutes ago... I'm sure it is against the laws of the universe to have a nursing infant have a stuffy green nose.  At least it should be.

I love his fuzzy clean mow-hawk hair.  It smells delicious.  Of course it is nearly midnight and he is still bright eyed.  Speaking of eyes--we think he is going to follow Jenna's footsteps and be blue.  Today they look completely purple.  His eyes get lighter by the day!

We had a good Easter weekend though it was incredibly strange not to have a single member of our families here for egg hunts and baskets.  We missed everyone!  Rustin was swamped with a funeral and lots of stake conference meetings so we squished things in where we could.  It was a gorgeous day outside for once.

You'll notice Landon is missing from all the Easter pictures.

 He jumped off the play house onto the trampoline and after a few crazy bounces he ended up on the ground with a severely injured back.  It has been four days and it was just today that he has finally been able to walk to the bathroom without tears and help. And lots of pain medicine.
This is Landon trying to enjoy his birthday candles on Monday.
It looks like he most likely 'just' tore the muscles in his lower left back--no broken ribs or vertebra.  He isn't able to walk more than a few feet at a time so we aren't sure what to do about school.  He is obviously done with track and basketball.  Darn. We are praying that we will know what to do to help him recover in the best way possible.

I am off to sleep.  May you all have sweet slumber and happy spring! {or winter if you are in Australia!}


Juli said...

Ouch! I hope he feels better soon. There is a lot that doesn't show up on an x-ray, when it comes to your back.

What a cutie! I love his little nose, even if it's green and snotty.

I miss Easter at home. It wasn't the same, looking for eggs in Singapore. It was too hot and we were afraid of attracting ants, so everything was indoor and very limited in space. It still took Bryce an hour to find his basket hanging on the wall above the curtains. He had to get a ladder to get it down. I guess the Easter bunny can jump. . .

Harmers said...

Congratulations on the addition! I haven't checked blogs in awhile. Nice to catch up on your family.