Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Which "something"should I do...

I feel like I got thrown off the boat.  My re-entry to regular life {post-Christmas} has been Rough.  Yesterday morning I had to drag all five of my sleepy-head kids out of bed making me feel  like the worst mom ever.  Even our little six-year-old, who normally bounces out of bed like Tigger, required some serious coaxing to get moving.

Part of that was because we started a great new book.  Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.  We Love It.  Couldn't stop reading.  We need to start the reading at 8 pm instead of 9:30.  But it's hard to move that internal clock back.

Dallin and Landon made waffles this morning because there was nothing else to eat.  Should I feel guilty that my 13-year-olds have the recipe for waffles (from scratch...)  memorized?  I knew there was no bread, milk cereal etc. but I couldn't drag myself to the store yesterday.  I did make powdered milk. Gotta love Morning Moo.

I did spend some time on my favorite food planning site. {}  I especially love the excel planning sheet.  It even calculates out how much of everything to buy.  I  have 23 of our most common meals and all the ingredients planned out.  For three months.  Now I just have to figure out how to buy, store and rotate.  I downloaded a shopping app on my new cute pink phone.  Anyone have a favorite Droid shopping app?  I am feeling overwhelmed with all the technology I need to embrace.  I think I'll just go back to a notebook for a little bit...

We have two 3-D models of plant and animal cells due tomorrow. Dallin and Landon have basketball tryouts which stresses out my heart whenever they tell me of their private concerns...Benson is reminding me every two seconds to go get him a basketball (they use smaller sizes for kindergarten...) and Jenna and Austin have regressed a good two months on their music lessons, which we have to go to on Thursday.   We have two personal management merit badges to complete and two eagle projects to get done by April.  Who nominated me to help my kids with personal management?

Despite all our organization and great work over Christmas break (I actually love my kids to be home...) the house now looks like a tornado.  

I think I'll take my sister's advice--"If you can't do it all just do something..." And tomorrow will look better. For Sure.

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Juli said...

Man, reading that made me feel really home sick for some reason. I guess I wish I were home, drinking morning moo, taking my kids to try out for basketball (instead of cricket and netball) and doing merit badges (though we do that too - as a lone scouter.) I know how busy it can be. I'm glad your boys can cook!