Saturday, January 29, 2011


I lost my camera again. I keep hoping it will show up--this isn't the first time it has been lost... It's hard enough to find something worthy of writing in January.  But to try to write without any pictures?

Here's a random account of the month.

Mornings here are dark and frosty.  By afternoon things are nice and squishy so the lovely dog can track his big muddy paws all over.  I guess I have an excuse for the unmopped floors.

I really should put up a picture of how big Baby Boy cinco and I are getting. 29 weeks now.  Benson calls him baby Jack.  Under what circumstances do you let your children pick your baby names?

We are busy with basketball season.  I am really really, glad Dallin and Landon are on the same team (the middle school has two teams).  I think one more set of games and practices might do me in.  Here was my driving schedule last Thursday...

0730-Take Dal and Lan to school. (Dal's bari saxophone won't fit on the bus)
0820 Take Jen and Ben to school (they missed the bus...someone please tell the bus driver to stop coming five minutes early.)
1130 Pick up kindergardners and drop all five extras off at their respective homes.
1530 Pick up Austin from school and drop off other car pool kids.
1630 Get Jenna out the door for violin. (thank heavens she can walk.)
1700 Get Austin out the door for piano lessons. (same teacher)
1715 Pick up Dallin and Landon from basketball practice.
1800 Find Benson and Austin's clothes and drive them to the other side of town for basketball practice.
1930 get home and realize that everyone is starving and there is nothing easy to eat.

That's just the driving.  Thankfully we live within 10 minutes of most things.

Benson slammed his thumb in the door and cut a big slice.  ouch.  It's healing well.

Most common phrase from Dallin and Landon lately--"I'm starving--we need more to eat around here."  They went through two jars of peanut butter this week.  Peanut butter should be fortified like cereal.  I need to get creative with some easy to eat snacks and dinners.

Or I might go insane.



Emily said...

My kids can choose the baby's name if the change all the diapers and pay for his college. ;)

Hey, I just made Ann Crandall's Cheesy Nacho Beef Dinner from the Twin Falls 15th Ward cookbook (pg. 212) and it was easy, made a bunch, and my kids liked it. We put it into tortillas and I froze the extras. (I like to hear what other people are having during my dinner-idea slumps).

love ya!

beck said...

I think we're coming to Idaho soon. I will mate your socks. And give you a big smooch.

Juli said...

I know they sell peanut butter that is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. I bet it's expensive, but it is good for your brain.

Ok. I know this is really gross, but when my kids are really hungry, tator tot casserole hits the spot. I used the Duggar's recipe (google) only I leave out the cream of mushroom soup and just use the evaporated milk (I hate cream of mushroom soup), and I add an entire bag of frozen vegetables. Make sure and bake it the entire hour, so the tots get nice and crispy. I have a hard time finding them here.

I like Jack. We could call him "jackman" for long and "ja" for short.