Saturday, January 1, 2011

The merriest of merry!

A poem in honor of 1/1/11...
Christmas brings feelings
so tender and sweet.
Time all together
makes bonds that run deep.

As 2010 ends
with so much that was good,
we know that this year 
went just as it should.

Thanksgiving was snowy 
and New Year's was too.
Our Christmas was brown 
so what do you do?

A house we saw moving 
across the back lawn...
With swings and a slide 
for the kids to play on.

Movies and games
were a part of the fun.
In December we saw all our siblings (10 out of 11!)
'cept one. 

Rustin was busy 
with tithing and more,
visits with good folks--
the favorite for sure!

My favorite was family 
and planning good food.
Why is it that chocolate
can cause a good mood?

MP3's and snowboards
took care of the teens.
Just shy of six feet,
those boys grow like beans!

Eleven years old 
is a fun age to be.
Austin discovered
that he sure can ski!

Jenna loves books,
and drawing and such.
Of pet shops and ponies,
she can't have too much!

Keep Benson supplied
with some legos and swords,
and it's a sure bet
that he'll never be bored.

This year the holidays 
brought so much cheer--
we know it will carry us through
to next year!

We hope you all had a great holiday!

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Juli said...

You are AWESOME. That was cool. I want a snow board too!