Monday, March 1, 2010

Luge 2010

Franklin, Idaho is a close runner up for the 2014 winter olympics we are sure. At least we found the perfect sledding run. We had 8 runner sleds and a mile long perfectly sloped snow-covered road up in the hills out of the way of everything.  It snowed like crazy and it was a blast.
I didn't get enough pictures (as usual). 

Benson and I tried to film a run down the mountain but the camera was upside down half the time and then we found that it seriously took two hands and all my skill to keep us moving down the hill and out of the snowdrifts--and I know we weren't anywhere near 90 mph!

I used to think luge or sledding events seemed easy but that fallacy has been laid to rest for sure!

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Juli said...

Are those red radio flyers? It's not the one I ran into a stop sign by the white house is it? That was a really good sled. Looks like you are having fun. I miss snow.