Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found it!

It has definately been one of those weeks.

I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about.

I forgot to send Landon's lunch money check so many times that the school actually mailed me a 'free and reduced price lunch' application.

I sent Austin to school with his invention convention project only to find out that the due date and judging were finished the day before.

A certain couple of my children (they will remain unnamed...) came home with mid-term report cards riddled with missing homework assignments (most of which turned out to be in their binders...).  Hmmm, I wonder where the organizational handicap came from?

I intended to post some pictures of our President's Day weekend but I haven't been able to find my camera or purse all week.  I wasn't terribly worried because I had my wallet and there really isn't anything of value in my purse...  It turns out both (purse and camera) were in the pile of winter clothes (from the previously mentioned fun President's Day weekend) next to the washer that didn't get sorted until an hour ago when Landon desperately searched through everything to find his snowboarding gloves.  They were found, but unfortunately they spent the week in a damp pile of coats and they smell like a wet dog. an attempt to compensate for my poorly organized week (will I regret weeks like this in my old age?  that is one of my biggest fears...), I am sitting up waiting for the wash cycle to finish on the washer so I can put the gloves in the dryer and Landon can go snowboarding tomorrow with his clean-smelling gloves. 

As far as physical organization around here we are actually doing pretty well.  We have a good system with the kids rooms going.  I must say that I love the hangers from Costco that are black and kind of velvety.  Awesome.  Since the four boys share a room, we have to be very particular about what gets to stay in the room.  

Each boy  has two big totes that fit under the bunk beds.  (I need to take a picture of that project one of these days.) And each boy also gets one drawer (in the only dresser that fits in the room) to keep his own stuff.  Or course it only takes ONE day of someone throwing clothes on the floor and the room is {trashed} as Landon would say.  But it doesn't take long to pick up.  Everyone has been doing great getting homework done (turned in??) and getting instruments practiced as long as I hold the controls of the Wii hostage until it is all done.  Amazing what a little bribe will do.

I would definately say that the organizational issues are mostly in my head.  I don't mean I'm exaggerating them, I mean that I can keep physical things around me fairly organized (except for socks) but I cannot keep my kids and all the activities and deadlines and motherly chores organized.  ugg.

Thankfully I have friends who understand me and call regularly to remind me and give me ten minute warnings when it is time for things like birthday parties, scouts or my week to teach in Relief Society.  Really, I would be lost without Brittany's scheduling reminders for me.  I'll have to remind her to remind me to say thanks sometime!   


Juli said...

I feel your pain. Hey, at least you didn't get a letter from someone you can't remember meeting, reminding you that you are having dinner with her tonight. Oops. (Jennifer who?) Would you tell Brittney call me too, and please to remind me of everyone's names - she's so good at that.

Growinguptogether said...

So timely, Ryan and I just had the this is not working talk, followed by the call in the family and make a chore chart meeting. We just did it today, wish us luck. Oh after doing stuff for the kids all day and not doing my cleaning, I complained to Ryan that I need to learn how to say no to the kids. He read the Mary Martha scripure to me and said, or change your prioriyies. Man I think I might as well blog about thhis myself. Love your post Kim, as always.

beck said...

I love you. I love because you forget stuff. It makes me laugh. My friend got a babysitter awhile back because she had to go somewhere with her husband. When the babysitter showed up she forgot 1) that she had hired a babysitter and 2) where she was supposed to be going.

That might be the ultimate.

VicandNanc said...

I love your posts! You are so honest & it is so great!!! :) It makes my head spin just thinking of all of the piles, haha! You have the cutest personality. I haven't got to read your blog for awhile because of my own craziness adjusting to a baby & working... anyway, I just love hearing about "my" sweet little Jenna. She is such a joy. I subbed for Benson's class today & it is hard to believe they come from the same family!