Friday, April 17, 2009

The most important of all...

I love it when we can help each other. And there is no one I would rather help than my family. So here goes.

My sister needs a baby.

Years ago Becki and Jeremy and a tiny baby Ethan bravely fought and beat Becki's colon cancer. She is happy and healthy and cancer free today. The age of chemo has past and it's time for bigger and better things. Namely, growing a family.

I don't know if I can express how deeply I desire for Becki and Jeremy and Ethan to have a baby join their home. My heart aches when Ethan sets out stuffed animals to be his 'brothers and sisters'. I have boxes of my very favorite (just can't part with them) baby outfits saved for the day when we get a new little family member--via the Kendricks.

I think if every prospective parent truly knew the desires of their hearts, and if they knew Becki and Jeremy, they would be clamoring in line to get to them.

I could go on and on. I love the way Becki gets totally righteously indignant if Rustin (my husband) tries to play her left-handed in racquetball. Or they way Ethan makes little "magic books" (and a million maps to nowhere) for his cousins. And Jeremy--from guitar playing to Ethan-directed-video making to computer fixing, it's pretty hard to get past his charming dimples.

So, if you feel inspired, join our family. Help us spread the word. Click on the button on the toolbar to read their profile and to get your own awesome button.

***And just for fun---Jeremy's brother is married to the oh-so-lovely cjane, who really feels like family along with all the Kendricks. We all know how much we would love our children to have cjane for an aunt! Don't miss her great post about this button. And definitely watch the video about crackers. Hilarious.***


Jeremy said...

Thanks, Kim! You're the bestest!

Jeremy said...

That was actually Becki. I'm signed is as Jeremy for some reason. But he thinks you're the bestest too.

sariah said...

Hi Kim, I'm just wondering where the button on the tool bar is at that you mentioned?