Thursday, January 29, 2009

winter winter winter

We are snowed in around here again. Not really but we have had quite a bit of snow. I think it would take a miracle for Twin Falls to actually close the schools. The kids just all wear their boots and snow pants and they still go out to recess three times a day no matter what the weather. I have to admit that is one of the things I love about school in this area. Recess. And lots of it! It's great for my boys.

The snow is actually a nice change from the perpetual bone chilling fog that we had for two weeks prior.

We are doing well around here. Despite a case of the mid-January blah's on my part today. We are in the midst of refinancing our mortgage which is a big paperwork pain but will likely bring some really nice changes. So I won't complain...

We are busy with basketball practices and games and lots of scouts. I must say that cub scouts is amazingly busy! It's fun for the boys though. We had the pine wood derby a couple of weeks ago and Rustin and Austin had fun with the car. We let Austin paint it entirely by himself. I don't have my camera but I will have to put a picture. It was fun.

Dallin and Landon got glasses last week. It was a total surprise to us. Rustin just happened to take Dallin with him on a Saturday to see a patient and took a second to check his eyes. Rustin was shocked that he couldn't read the letters on the bottom line. The glasses news enticed a few tears (for Dal) for a minute but he got used to the idea. Landon assumed (correctly) that if Dallin needed glasses then he did too so he had a little more time to get used to the idea before the actual news. They look really cute I must say. Again--I'll have to post a picture.

All right I just rolled my mouse in some left over syrup on the dining room table so it looks like some clean up time is in order. In the mean time I will keep singing the song we sang this morning--"There is sunshine in my soul today!"


Growinguptogether said...

Even if it's just a hint of rain in San Diego the kids stay in for recess, they don't even have them go to the gym. They play games in the classrooms. Luckily this doesn't happen often. I've found myself saying more then once to my carpool, when I was young.... usually has something to do about walking to school in snow, recess in snow, ect.

Ash said...

glasses? Really? I didn't see that coming. I always wanted glassess, in fact sometimes I wish still I had glassess. I think they look cool. You can tell the boys it will make them look smart.

Harmers said...

Just checked out your blog. Good to catch up on all that is going on for your family. Sounds like you are well. What a good mother you are to read every night to them when most of us just want to put them to bed and have some time to ourselves.