Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another word on dyslexia...

I must mention that for anyone who had a child who cannot learn to spell or has greater than usual trouble learning to read--you should check out this web site for Dyslexia. Early intervention can really help solve the problem (as in our case!--see below). Denial doesn't help solve the problem. Treatment does. I think we'd all be surprised if we knew how many people are suffering silently with dyslexia.

One of the best web sites and resources I have found is--HERE.

Check out the links at the top. Especially the web videos. Very interesting and informational even if you don't deal with dyslexia. I really think anyone who is a teacher should check these things out as well!


Growinguptogether said...

Thanks for your post. I love that the teacher worked on their self esteem, that so important. I used to fall asleep reading all the time and was always at the last level of reading and spelling. I thought everybodies eyes tired when reading. Ryan's first year in Optometry school he realized my eyes couldn't converge. Anyway I did horrible in elementary school, hated it. Motivation and self esteem switched in high school, enough for me to go through BYU all 4 years on a full ride scholarship!

in time out said...

okay, i am having one of my days, and wanted to say thanks for the comment back when i was having really bad days. i appreciated it and wanted you to know. i posted three awards, i would like you to have them all for being so supportive of me when you had no idea how much i needed it. thanks.