Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nie and a visit with my sis!

Becki and Ethan were here for a couple of days recuperating from their most recent surgery/injuries. We of course love having them here. When they needed a ride back to Utah on Monday I 'sacrificed' and took them home. They just happened to have an extra ticket to the Nie Benefit concert in Provo. (Sorry Ethan, I took your spot...) My good friend Becky Brouwer watched the little kids for us and Becki, Jeremy and I had a date!

Mindy Gledhill was great as usual. Her musicians were outstanding.

I must say that watching Ryan Shoupe and the bass guitarist duel in 'Devil went down to Georgia' was, for me, the highlight of the night. I don't know if I have ever seen such amazing musical talent. They could play off each other and pick up on each others musical cues so quickly it looked effortless.

Of course the other great part was that we got to sit right next to Courtney and Chris and their cute little brood. (the benefits of going with Chris's brother!...)
All the kids look really happy and healthy. A testament to their great care!

And Courtney's song/dance with Mindy for the encore was priceless.
The pics are from this great site.

Jen and Ben and Ethan had a blast. Beck's home has a really nice spirit about it. And it's really cute too!

We also got to stop in Salt Lake City to visit Melanie and brand new little Lucas (and Eric of course!) They look really great and happy. I managed to navigate the SLC traffic without getting lost or having an anxiety attack so everything was awesome!

Rustin and the boys did great without us. They went out to a Chinese buffet... The boys had to fill me in on all the recess and after school happenings while I was gone. This seems to be something that only the mom can do--listen to the going on's of a grade-schooler.

Landon started with "do you want the bad news or the worst?" The bad news was a bloody lip resulting from a conflict over whose turn it was to have the basketball. The worst was that our little neighbor who is in Landon's class was hit by a car and is in critical condition. We are working on a project for him and his family. Everything else is business as usual.

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Emily said...

What a fun road trip!

I'm sure your kids were dying to tell you about the playground news! I remember telling my mom! That is so funny!