Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Benson's day

Yesterday was Benson's fourth birthday. We had a great day. He wanted doughnuts at preschool and a cake with star wars guys on top. I didn't get pictures of that because my camera battery died. My mom made that cake at her house (we still don't have an oven--thanks mom) and Benson loved it. Dad (and fam) came over and helped Rustin give Dallin a blessing for his surgery the next day. That was really nice and comforting.

I also made Benson a cute blanket (again at my mom's house because my sewing machine died!). It has very soft brown furry material on one side and it's slicky with his name on the other. I will have to finish tying it over conference.

Here are a few things that are unique about Benson:

*Benson has had a runny nose for at least a year and a half. Really yucky looking nose. We've had weeks (and weeks) of antibiotics (which work great but can't seem to hold off an infection for more than a week) and a couple of strep infections. Thus--Monday morning he is having tonsils and adenoids removed!

*He has never slept by himself. When the surgery center called to ask if he has a comfort item that he sleeps with I said "yes, his brother Austin".

*He has the most delightful laugh ever. Seriously. He and Jenna were playing the other day and he was giggling and I heard Jenna say to herself "I love it when he laughs."

*We think Benson was blessed with the gift of originality (survival for the youngest of five for sure!). He defies everything we know about parenting. None of the 'rules' apply to this little personality. We pray for inspiration constantly.

*Benson loves to rock-a-bye when he's sad but he also has times when he wants NO comforting whatsoever. We just have to give him his space. Of course I love it when he wants to rock with his little arms clasped behind my shoulders...

*He is currently the thinnest and speediest of the five hatch kids. Very cute.

*Even the big boys enjoy playing with Benson. He has a very fun little imagination.

Overall, our lives certainly wouldn't be the same without little Ben. We are so grateful we have him and although I hate seeing things change I know the future will get better and better.

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Becky said...

You make me love that little kid! He sounds like he's got a great a great family. I hope the surgery goes well and he's not too lonely when he wakes up.