Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bubble wrap anyone?

We spent another night in the ER. Our poor Landon left football practice half an hour early to go to the end of his good friend's birthday party. As he bounced down one of the giant slides he somehow hit his hand and snapped the bone right behind his pointer finger knuckle. The doctor was sure it had cracked right through the growth plate, but on follow up x-rays it looks like it missed it by a hair. phew.

I was feeling very optimistic as we walked back into the treatment area and we could see that the familiar "bed three" in the hallway was occupied. We ended up in bed four instead. Dang. The doctor on call was the same doctor that's treating Dallin's leg. He offered to bubble wrap our remaining uninjured children!

We did get to move into a room when it was time to set the bone. We joked that our frequent flier miles finally kicked in and we got an upgrade to an actual room. It was extremely painful (for both Landon and me!) to get the hand numbed up enough to set the bone but Landon handled it like a champ (I had to leave the comforting to Rustin). Such a really great kid.

Landon's hand was hugely swollen so he has to wait a week to get a cast on. He can play once we get a cast if we just wrap it up. Land was glad about that.

In other news: the kitchen is still a construction zone (driving me nuts), Jenna started violin lessons (Benson tags along with her and does really well), everyone else is happy and healthy. Rustin and I spent Thursday-Saturday at an optometry convention in Idaho Falls. I spent two great days reading and relaxing. We both loved it. It was a true vacation. Who needs Hawaii? (At least that's what we tell ourselves:) Thanks Mom and Dad (and Tom) for the help with the kids.

The weather is definitely fall-ish. I got our first (and probably last) tomato from the garden. It was delicious. Now we will work our way through apples and peaches and corn. I love Fall!!!


Emily said...

I think you should consider the bubble wrap. haha.

Vicky said...

I think that these visits to the Er are inevitable with as many boys as we have. Sorry to hear about it though and I hope he gets better soon so we can hear more about football.

I'm trying to convince my boys and hubby that golf is the coolest sport out there, for injury prevention purposes.

Awesome tomato, that Ryan's favorite food by far. One day we hope to have a bountiful tomato garden.

Fall is my favorite season, I love the air and the colors. However, I'm not a fan of the season following fall.

rebecca said...

Seriously, are your boys' bones made out of chalk?

The White Wash said...

Bless your(and theirs) heart. I love having boys, but they are accident prone with all the activities they love. More of those ER visits in your future, I predict. Hopefully they are a little more spread out.

Juli said...

Bubble wrap. Ha. They should have asked you that before you took them home from the hospital when they were born.

Ash said...

I probably shouldn't laugh, but I am. Those boys are insane, and you are the perfect mother for them. I hope that Austin and Benny don't follow suit. Isn't Austin the only uninjured Hatch to date?