Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ahhh Fall...

We finally got that Fall weather that we have been hoping for. We had a beautiful 60-70's day today. We cleaned up all the flower beds and garden and planted some tulips and crocus.

Landon had his final game today. His team ended up third. It was nice to watch in sunglasses instead of gloves and snow boots like last week! The teams that got first and second place were the only teams that scored on them all season. The games that they played against the two teams that beat them were both really close and hard fought. It was fun to watch.

Benson is healing well. He really doesn't tell me when his throat hurts but he occasionally melts down and has to be rocked in the "rock-a-bye." A little Tylenol does the trick. He's still scared to eat crackers because he tried it once when his throat was sore and now he thinks it will always hurt.

Dallin is trying really hard not to walk with a limp but his right leg is still very weak. He's hoping to recover in time for basketball.

Landon still has his cast on. We (mostly me) are tired of doing fifth grade homework. He usually has figured out all the answers so we just have to write them down for him. He will be really glad to get the cast off so all the raw blisters can heal.

Rustin has been assigned to a different ward for high council which means we don't see him at all on Sundays. We are trying to adjust to that. I think it will be much easier when I have both of my big helpers available in the morning again. Dallin's getting better but we still miss Landon's help.

As for me--I still don't have an oven. We are tired of eating uncooked cookie dough. Maybe in the next week... I have big plans for organizing my desk/office space. Hopefully I'll get to that this week too. And I definately plan to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather.

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Gianetta said...

Crazy times at your house! I have been thinking of you and hope that all your kids are whole and well soon! Miss you tons!