Thursday, May 25, 2017

Last week of School!

I love it when kids get out of school!  This year was no exception.  I am seriously the worst public school mom ever.  We limped across the finish line for Jackson in Kindergarten this year.  Jenna and Benson went to three classes each at the middle school this year and they barely managed to get through the last week also.  

First day of school--cinnamon swirl pancakes. 
 Last day of school?--the last hotdog bun left in the bread drawer.

This is Jackson and I three minutes before the starting bell.  Still in our pajamas... (we did make it to school eventually...)

Last day of school for the big kids?  I didn't even try to make them go--I just gave everyone their summer chore assignments.  :) 

Jackson 'graduated' from kindergarden.  This was the best smile he could muster.  I don't exactly know why but he wasn't super excited to sing the cute little songs!  He did sing and smile for most of them but one particularly ridiculous song was just too much for him (too-ta-taw-ta-too-ta-taw-ta-toot-a-taw-taw) and he stood completely still and refused to sing or do any of the moves. Kindergarden was fun but I just can't--for the life of me--get excited about homework or IRI reading goals or timed number tests.  I'm sure they can provide some helpful information to teachers but it's really not been helpful for Jackson.  But the friends and activities and recess were great!

This last one's a public service picture for everyone who says they wish they have my hair.  Because I really want you all to feel content with your own awesomeness.  
This is just minutes before I left to {finally} take Jack to school.  Thank heavens for hair bands.

Happy last week of school! 

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