Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shakespeare and stuff

The kids performed a fantastic play--Taming of the Shrew--for their Shakespeare class this year.  During the first semester they studied Julius Caesar and watched/read 14 different Shakespeare plays! They also did presentations about Shakespeare's time with awesome things like blood sucking leaches and strange medical masks. The second semester the read Taming of the Shrew and then prepared for the play.  All the lines were perfectly delivered.  The younger kids did a fun 10-minute version of the play so the audience would know the plot.  It was fantastic.

The best part was the really great kids they got to hang out with.  Such fun kids!

Jenna had national clogging finals at Lagoon which was also super great. Jackson is big enough to ride all the big kid rides and he loves them all!  This is the first time at Lagoon that I haven't spent the day in kiddie land! No complaints from me...

The water going over the falls this spring has been absolutely stunning.  Normal summer water flow is 200 CFS and this spring it has been 20,000! The highest water ever!  Our crazy snowy winter has filled the reservoirs and made all the farmers happy. We went out to Cauldron Linn which was also amazing.  There is no way pictures or words can capture the power of that much water pouring through that small gap in the canyon. 

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