Wednesday, November 12, 2014

20 years ago...

It's been twenty years since a cute pick-up driving boy entered my life. I thought it would be fun to commemorate our first date. 

Rustin and I met on a blind date. Rustin's cousin Leslie was a good friend and we had agreed to set each other up on a date with our cousins while we were all students at Ricks but the dates never happened while we were in Rexburg. I graduated and moved on to Idaho State University where I could work on a nursing degree. 

A few months later Leslie had moved back home to Pocatello. She had received her mission call and was preparing to leave when we ran into each other at the institute at ISU. We set up our dates for the next weekend. My cousin couldn't come until Saturday night but Leslie's cousin needed to come Friday so we found dates for both nights.
When Rustin arrived at my door to pick me up I had just barely walked in from a date earlier that day. The first thing I noticed was that he had a black eye (from playing murder in the dark the previous day...). 
We went roller skating. 
We laughed and talked. Rustin grabbed my hand and took off flying around the rink as fast as we could go. Just as we rounded the second or third corner our hands slipped and I went flying across the floor. Very graceful. 

We both remember that it was one of the most comfortable first dates we had been on. We laughed and talked. But--we lived in different towns and we were dating different people and Leslie was leaving in less than two weeks.  I didn't expect to see him again. 

Of course I did see him again. That's a story for another day! 

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