Monday, November 3, 2014

Snug like a bug

Watching these pups makes me want to go curl up with whoever I can coerce into snuggling with me. 

Actually I have pretty snugly kids. 

Jackson is the best. I don't think I can ever get enough of having that boy's little face pressed into my neck...

We had the most beautiful Halloween.  We had a full week of parties this year and the weather was a glorious 70 degrees. 

Then November hit and we slipped right into serious Fall.  I love the gorgeous colors but the cool weather makes me want to hibernate. I'm trying to reprogram my brain this year. I want to get out and embrace the seasons instead of hide under a {very fuzzy} blanket. Skiing? Hiking? We'll see. What do y'all do for fun when it's cold out?

In other news I am pleased to announce that our Halloween costumes took only 30 minutes and $0 to put together. Yes!

VanHelsing, bohemian lifeguard (missing his hair here), Boise State Bronco (pronounced "Stazy bronco"), hobo (first time he hadn't been a variation of a Hobbitt in three years!), cute purple witch and Achilles (two mild high ankle sprains). hair can look like this with two minutes notice. I don't even need you're jealous...

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Jamie Hatch said...

Your makeup looks awesome! Happy Halloween! We like to x-country ski! You need to come with us sometime!