Sunday, August 11, 2013

Checking off our list...

We went camping this weekend. 
Though I'm not sure it counts as camping if you get to stay in a cute little cabin...


It was built in 1946 and it has a cool wood cook stove and an ice box.  There is still a type written paper of instructions on the wall about how to start the stove and where to find the coal oil. 
 "And don't forget to empty the pan under the ice box..."
It was cute.  

Dallin and Landon came up late Thursday night after work. 
Just in time to stoke up the fire after the 'youngers' were asleep.
Can I just mention?--I started that fire with one match and NO PAPER.

The kids reluctantly saved them s'more stuff. YUM!

 Friday we took the 4-wheelers and motor bike and rode down to Ross Falls for a hike.  It is more like Ross trickle this time of year but we all had fun on the hike up and climbing around on the rocks.

Afterward this cute girl learned to drive a 4-wheeler all by herself.
I am the official sit-behind-and-teach-the-kids-how-to-shift kind of mom.  Probably because the slow speed of the learners is right up my alley!

Benson also moved up to the driver's seat.  He has a harder time shifting--especially when he is wearing his big sister's sandals (because his are MIA...). He will be a great driver though. No doubt!

Paisley didn't like being left behind.  She followed us on a couple of short rides.  
She is one athletic dog!

 Of course the dogs had plenty of play time in the dirt.  
So. dirty.

 Saturday morning we all loaded up to go to the hummingbird feeders.
 We actually put Austin and Benson behind Rustin and Jenna and I rode little Red.  I suppose we need another 4-wheeler...
Landon's bike lost one of the pins that holds the handle bar to the frame just after we headed out, (Rustin went back to check on him when we all stopped and he wasn't with us...)
so Landon stayed behind at the cabin.
We were so grateful he didn't lose it while riding! 

Someone started this hummingbird feeding area 20+ years ago and now there are dozens of different kinds of hummingbirds buzzing around at any given moment.  We could hear the thrumming of their wings.

We went on a great ride up to the top of the hills.

The view of the valley was a patchwork of fields and little towns.  
We could even see the temple way off on the horizon.  

When we got home Jackson cried and cried to have another ride on the "mow-tow-cy-ko." 
I think he was mostly just tired.  As were we all.  
And we definitely gave our hot water heater a workout--I think we had a tub full of sludge 
after every bath (dogs included!)!

A perfect weekend for sure!

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Jamie Hatch said...

what a fun little trip and I so love the cabin! I want to stay there! How many four wheelers/motorcycles do you have?