Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 rhyme

It seems that 2012 came and went in a flash.  We are so grateful to know that each year just gets better!

Here's the Christmas rundown from the resident non-poet:

For Christmas this year,
our time flew right past.
Things never slow down--
We've learned from the past.

Jackson was fun--
the tree he destroyed,
We've learned to expect this
from cute little boys!

For sweet little Jenna,
a package with bows,
will tickle her fancy
right down to her toes!

Dal and Lan were injured--
it drives us insane.
ski trip's were desired
but their knees were a  'Pain!'

For Austin this year
Santa Clause had an 'inkling'
Each day on the computer
his wishlist was blinking.

The lists were all easy,
a new game or too,
is all that is needed
to make wishes come true.

Eleven straight years,
the requests are the same--
a new kind of weapon
will make a fun game.
(swords, bows and arrows, air soft, Bee-bee guns etc...)

Our Benson is kind,
he rarely complains,
He's happy at Christmas--
Even when it rains!

We spent our last Christmas
with dear Grandpa G--
The whole family together
at the Christmas party.

Our loved ones---their kindness
and help gets us through,
We all need each other--
alone just won't do.

2012 was a great year
we bid it adieu!
2013 will be busy
with good things to do!

We're grateful for love
and eternities of joy,
that surely will come
as Christ's help we employ.

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