Friday, December 26, 2008

'Twas the night...

An account (a bit late, what can I say...) of our Christmas... We hope yours was merry!

Twas the night before Christmas, the presents were wrapped,
Pa and I could not stop eating, all those sweet yummy snacks!,
The kids were all nestled with Christmas lights burning,
Dreaming, no doubt, of presents they were yearning.

For Austin a DS (Nintendo) was the gift that he sought,
For Landon the same, with not much other thought,
Dallin bought his own DS with his very own penny,
so this year a game--two or three would be plenty!

Benson's gift was all planned, he had his mom post it--
On a big cardboard sign so Santa could notice it.
"Santa please stop here" it said, "Benson wants Aragorn!",
"Make it the same size as Legolas", he made that clear for sure!
(of course this toy is discontinued...Amazon saved the day!)

Jenna's easy to please, just find something pink,
A barbie, a pony, and a bookshelf we think.
Mom and Dad want her healthy, nothing would please us more,
A bad case of pneumonia has her sleeping on our floor!
(antibiotics x2, steroids and nebulizers...)

For me the best Christmas was easy to see
It had nothing to do with the things on the tree.
Our cozy little house full of a girl and some boys,
Who love life and each other more than any amount of toys.

Christmas morning was nice, we slept in a bit more (7:30!)
Fresh bread and hot chocolate---we could not ask for more!
Afternoon was filled, with family and fun
Capture the flag in the snow, kept all on the run.

Seven siblings are all home, they have traveled many miles,
Mom and Dad are so gracious, they host all with their smiles,
Fifteen cousins are in heaven, with sleepovers and games,
Snowball fights are the favorite, not a soul can complain!

The holiday's not ever, Rustin's home for a week!
We have Austin's 9th birthday and Hatch party to seek.
We'll head down to Franklin, hope the roads are all clear,
We will surely all say, this has been a great year!


Ash said...

how did you get your tree to float?

Mike and Kathleen said...

O.K. Kim, you are an amazing writer. I think you need this published!!! Glad you had an amazing Christmas, and sad to here you have sick ones right now. We have to have some fun again soon!

Mike and Kathleen said...

I meant hear....oops!

beck said...

That was so much fun!

Kari said...

What a fabulous poem!!! Sounds like you had a remarkable Christmas :) So sorry to hear about Molly ... hope you all doing well. Your card was even cuter in person than online! I'm hoping to get something out for Valentine's Day!!