Monday, April 2, 2012

What every teenager needs.

Every kid needs to take a nap with a baby once in a while.  I think if everyone took a nap with a sleepy baby everyday we would have complete world peace.

Of course when this baby woke up his brothers "played" with him by spinning him around and around so they could watch him try to walk...poor thing.  Jackson laughed and laughed though so I guess it wasn't so bad.

We had a great weekend watching general conference.  I love conference.  Of course we ate cinnamon rolls with our favorite brown sugar caramel frosting. Yum.

I loved President Holland's talk about envy and coveting (among other things...).

Last night Rustin and I called all the kids in on our bed and talked about conference and about how much we love our kids.  We talked about President Uchtdorf's talk about forgiveness that began with a story about a mother who wrote about her children who weren't speaking to each other. I think I would curl up and cry if I had adult kids who wouldn't get along or who wouldn't come home.  The thought of not having my kids all together is terrifying.

Know what I am excited for this weekend?  Easter.  Jotham and Jamie are coming over and Jamie and I are going to make matching dresses for our girls.  Jenna never has a girl to match with on Easter. I'm so excited! Pictures to come...

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