Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter dresses

My sisters {all five or us!} always matched at Easter.  Are all families of girls like that? I am sad every year when Easter rolls around and Jenna doesn't have a sister to match with.  I remedy that by coaxing cousins to join us! This year we made skirts to go with some cute ruffly shirts.  I use the term 'we' lightly. I was mostly there for moral support.  Thanks Jamie. 

Aren't they sweet! The fabric is pretty and patterny...

It totally made my weekend.

I love sewing with sisters.  Some of my fondest memories are of making things with my sisters (that includes you Jamie!).  Juli and I made matching dresses one Easter for all the girls.  I'm pretty sure I just did the cutting and pinning and left Juli to most of the sewing then also!  I love to make Halloween costumes because I don't have to worry about following rules.  Real patterns are far more intimidating.
Easter April 2007

Other favorites from this Easter:

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Jamie Hatch said...

Those dresses from 2007 are amazing! You are right you have a very talented sewing sister! Thanks for letting us come! We had a fantastic time! Have the stuffed animals surfaced? And just FYI I left my razor in your upstairs bathroom, you might want to throw it out before somebody tries to experiment!