Monday, March 5, 2012

What I've been doing in my spare time...

I give up.  I have asked, pleaded, no avail.

I think I am finally accepting that my children will be injured.

Last year we spent $22,000 on medical bills, medicine and insurance.  Seriously?! Seriously.   We were hoping to put our resources to better use this year.  Apparently we wished in vain.  Here's what Landon's hand looks like:
4th metacarpal fracture

Landon lost a boxing match with a basketball.  Actually he just jumped up to block a long pass in his last basketball game and somehow managed to brake the 4th metacarpal.  Not just broken but displaced.  The orthopedic surgeon was able to set the bone fairly well so we are hoping he won't have to have surgery or pins.

For the record--this is the third time Landon has broken a bone in his hands and his fourth broken bone.  Last fall he broke his left hand in a football game and he finished playing the game.  He did the same with basketball.  He played another {almost} two quarters with his hand broken.  He missed all his foul shots and he couldn't dribble.  I suppose we'll cut him some slack.

I knew his hand was broken.  I recognized the look on his face.  Or call it mother's intuition.  I really wanted to go down and tape things up and get some ice but 8th graders can't have their mothers babying them.
Can they.

So Landon is my excuse for taking a week to fix and reconfigure this blog.  I'm such an amateur. But I learned some new tricks on Photoshop.  And I figured out how to center my heading.

I'll post some tricks and tips tomorrow.

Assuming I'm not in some doctor's office.

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VicandNanc said...

Oh my... well, I guess you can count your blessings that your income isn't $22,000 right?!? I LOVE the new name of your blog, so cute & so your fam... will probably be poor Jenna's motto for life! LOL :)