Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writer's block, Paperwork and Pretty things

This year  for Christmas I printed the past three years (haven't done 2011 yet) of blogs into books.  We love them!  It's so awesome to find the kids looking back and laughing at the books all the time.  It's fun to look back at past pictures and remember things we had forgotten...

There's just one problem--I am now suffering from the biggest writer's block I've ever had.


 I think it's because I feel so much pressure to blog about everything.  I keep thinking of all the things I should have written about that I haven't so I tell myself that I will go back and write about things that happened and add them to the blog and edit all the photos so they are bright and vibrant and suddenly I have a huge unfinished project looking at me every time I turn on the computer...

The longer I wait to write, the more things I miss and the cycle continues.  So for now I am just going to write about today and worry about the rest later.

Speaking of procrastinating, I have a pile of gorgeous fabrics that I fully intended to make into gorgeous pillows-

Isn't this red paisley pattern beautiful?!

I was also inspired by these awesome organizing containers from Pottery Barn Kids.

 I totally intended to head over to the wood shop and build a bigger version of the cubbies to organize all the kids' papers--kind of like this--

Then I was browsing on Pinterest (oh how I love Pinterest!) and I saw this--a cereal box covered with patterned paper.

I decided to combine all my unfinished projects and clean off the side of the fridge at the same time!
And now I have this-

I'm not sure I love the blue fabric mixed with the red but it is very colorful and fun and I LOVE having a place to put all the paperwork--lunch menus ball game schedules etc.

And best of all--I finished a project.


ariel june said...

Oh Kim I love it! that's awesome-looks great, and keeps things organized! Two of my favorite things. :)

Juli said...

That looks awesome! And I love the blue mixed with the red. What a great idea.

sariah said...

Ooooh--- I love it!! I think the colors look great! :-) Thanks for showing that great idea.

I know what you mean about writers block. I haven't blogged since before Christmas, so I don't know if I should venture back that far. I've missed posting about Christmas, Heidi's birthday, Hailey's birthday, and numerous other fun stuff in the last 30 days.... oh well!

beck said...

Very cute!!!