Saturday, January 21, 2012

Albion 'Normal' School

I am slowly but surely working through all the pictures of the last few weeks.  As soon as I get my camera that I left at the Hatch's in Franklin I will finish the month of December!
Our Patterson family spent a great weekend the week after Christmas at the Albion Campus Retreat in Albion, Id.  The house was part of the old Normal School College campus that has been abandoned. 

It has 16 bedrooms and tons of beautifully restored space. The halls are super wide with corridors of beautiful doors and the old brick is exposed through the plaster every once in a while. It is a beautiful house.

Each bedroom has an attached bathroom which was important because  we had a nasty case of the stomach flu running through the house--Rustin threw up all the way from Twin Falls to Albion and Ashlee was hiding a barf bag behind her back in most of these pictures.  I think every single member of the family had varying degrees of stomach sickness that lasted from 12 to 24 hours.

While we had everyone home we took pictures for the first time in years!

This was the first time we had all seven siblings home (from Ohio, Australia, Utah and Idaho...) together for a couple of years.

We missed Jeremy who had to work but the rest of us had a blast--little ones went skiing for the first time (I spent the day hiking up and down the bunny hill...), Lindsay made a bunch of 'Minute to Win It' games, we made pretty crafts, played games and of course we ate a ton of food.

 It was a great week and a perfect start to the new year.


Emily said...

YAY! The pictures remind me of how much FUN we had! Miss you already!


sariah said...

Wow! What an amazing family get-to-gether! It looked like you had great weather too.