Monday, January 30, 2012

My favorites for Christmas this year--

New stockings with our names embroidered on the front.  It seriously made me smile every day to see eight stockings on the mantle.

Jackson. We had so much fun watching a baby.  It made the year for us all.

The kids.  We asked them what they wanted for Christmas and they all wrote down "my cousins" and "everyone happy" with a couple of other things.  They are awesome.

Pictures.  I finally went through and found a bunch of the pictures from previous Christmases and put them in frames.  So Fun to look at!

The adorable tiny sled Grandpa Hatch made for the babies of the family. Jackson could not get enough!

Treats. We were completely and utterly spoiled this year.  The kids started calling the china hutch "the snack bar" because it was so full of yummy stuff.

Christmas on Sunday.  It was a beautiful and perfect day.

And of course the best--visiting with all our family. We always look forward to family. We would have every single one move in on our street if we could!

Can't wait for an awesome 2012!

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