Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summertime in Franklin

I'm so glad I married This guy...

Because it means I can go to This place any time I want...

I love Franklin, Idaho in the summer.
I love it in the winter too but summer is really fun.
We finally realized that Rustin wasn't going to have time to come with us to  Franklin.  Missing two weeks of work with terrible eye infection took a big dent out of vacation plans for us so the kids and I loaded Beau up in the car and headed down ourselves.
It was a GREAT week.

Darren completely wore himself out keeping us entertained.  We built two awesome bookshelves {in the 100+ degree shop} for Jen and Jack's room {more on that later},we got to meet the new puppy Milly, we rode horses and went canoeing.
Loalee showed us how to spin wool into yarn and made lots of delicious food.  How's that for an awesome weekend!

All six of us got to go on a 'real' horseback ride.  We went three at a time.  Jenna fell in love with the new horse, Darksea, and spent some time riding both Darksea and MissQuito by herself.  Jenna and Benson still had their horses lead by Grandpa most of the time but they are both doing great learning.  Dallin and Landon are pros and spent a lot of time helping to saddle and brush horses.  Austin also does really well by himself.
  Not bad for city kids.  Don't tell them I called them city kids.

Beau proved himself a total city slicker as he bounced around the horses and got stepped on.  It cut the pad of his paw really bad--we are hoping it heals without getting infected.  He had a blast.

We went to Johnson's Reservoir (one of many in the area) to canoe and swim.  I don't have any pictures of that beautiful night.   Beau learned that he loves swimming and Jackson loved it too!   We were the only people at the reservoir along with Jotham and Jamie and their family.  And of course Darren and Loalee.   The cool water was perfect in the over 95 degree weather.

We came home tired and happy and ready to enjoy our last week of summer vacation.


Camisetta said...

OH that sounds like a lot of fun! Berkley has a family he got close to on his mission in the Payette, ID area that also live the country life. We went and visited them this last June, and the country work, country cooking, and country scene was perfect!

sariah said...

What a wonderful place to spend family time. I love your pictures!

Juli said...

OOh. I wish we could come! That sounds like heaven.