Monday, August 8, 2011

Cold Turkey. {August 1-7}

Sometimes we need to detox from electronics.  There’s no easy way to do it so we just pull the plug. Anyone who knows us knows for which child this is most difficult (and necessary).  Can anyone guess?

Getting rid of video games makes us really productive. 

The kids make their beds without being asked…

They pick up all their toys…

And they smile all day.

Just kidding on this picture.  Jenna took this self-portrait for fun—she’s actually been having a blast playing with Benson (and Rustin!) this week.

Dallin and Landon were at EFY this last week.  I actually sent them to EFY just so we could have the music CD.  I’m listening as we speak. 

A few outcomes of a week of EFY—

Both boys have learned to text {that unlimited text plan is on its way…last night Rustin asked Dallin who he was texting with and he said he wasn’t sure—two girls at the same time}.

The boys gave a great family home evening tonight about “becoming.”

We have been practicing swing dance moves all week in anticipation of the next stake dance. Jenna is going to get more dance practice than any girl I know with all these brothers!

  Jack still has an infected eye but the rest of us are doing much better.  Viva la summer!

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