Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is your house as fun as ours tonight?

It is 11 pm and here's what we have.

One Eight year old sleeping on my floor because she had a bad dream last night.

Two 14-year-olds who think they don't need to go to bed because tomorrow is sleep-in day. {Friday}

Three loads of laundry waiting to be put away.  {Only three? not bad!}

One giant stack of dinner plates that never got thrown away.  And a mom who is too tired to deal with it...

One little night owl who is content to sit and watch me type.  

Maybe he will go for sleep-in day tomorrow too!


Emily said...

I have a night owl too. Can't wait to get them together!

Jamie H said...

you crack me up! I love it that you are normal and then let the rest of know that we are normal too! I admit however that your house is definitely more fun, especially at 11pm!

ariel june said...

It does look like a party :)