Monday, July 25, 2011

8 seconds and other adventures

This last weekend we went to Oakley to stay with our friends the Justesens.

When I say we I mean everyone except Rustin.  He spent most of the weekend home looking like this...

He has keratoconjunctivitis which is one rotten  adenovirus eye infection.  It is extremely contagious and very painful.  This is day 6 of the joy.  Rustin is holed up in our bedroom to keep from spreading the fun--we are really missing our dad around here.    

So, the rest of us headed to Oakley and the kids' rodeo on Thursday.  Austin and Benson rode the calves and steers. Their 8 second attempt was more like 2 seconds but it was fun!  Dallin and Landon were signed up to ride the junior bulls but by 10:30 pm with barrels and team roping still to go we called it quits.

The kids spent Saturday playing in the pond, catching frogs, riding four-wheelers and shooting bows and arrows.  And of course Saturday night was the big dance for the twenty-fourth of July.  

Neil and Rustin were mission companions in Portugal. It's amazing how some friendships just stick. 

Neil grew up on the ranch next door to the Pioneer Woman in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  How's that for trivia!

If I had this view out my kitchen window I would never stop doing the dishes.  

And the rest of their home is just as beautiful.  Big thanks to Neil and Ginger for a great weekend.

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