Sunday, July 3, 2011

Awesome week!--June 27-July 3

We had a great week!

This was the first week of the summer with nothing taking us away from home.  I loved it.  Of course I always love staying home.

Jenna turned Eight on Monday.  This was a much awaited day as all birthdays are.  We had cake and ice cream at grandma's house and Jenna got to be princess for the day.  I think her favorite thing was going with Grandma Patterson to the store to pick out her own present.  So exciting!

All the kids have a quilt from from Grandma Patterson for their baptism day that they use each morning at scriptures.  Jenna has been waiting a long time to get her own "comforter."  And it has really great soft fabric on the back.  Perfect.

Jenna was baptized on Saturday.  We had Grandma & Pa Patterson, Grandma & Pa Hatch, Kendra, Emmett, Josh and Ethan and Tom and Lindsay.  And of course some great friends from the ward.  It was a really nice, comfortable day.  As parents, having our children on the right path is the greatest and most comforting experience of all. We know that Jenna is on the right path.  We are so happy to have our little Jenna in the family.


Jamie H said...

So sorry we missed it! I'll bet it was still a special day even without us! That quilt is gorgeous! And the pictures turned out beautiful! Love that temple pictures, but it looks like your numbers are wrong? Is Jenna in it?

sariah said...

It was so fun to run into you at the quilt shop the other day. Your mother did a beautiful job on Jenna's quilt! That Bliss line of fabric is one of my favorites.

It looks like it was a wonderful day. (I really can't believe she's 8!)