Sunday, November 1, 2009


It was a dark and stormy night...
Actually it was a dark and foggy morning. We left our house at 5 am. (don't ask me how everyone can hop happily out of bed at 4:45 if it involves a trip to Franklin but no one can wake up at 6:30 for school...). We had a little Spooky gathering in Franklin with all the Nelson and (Jot)Hatch cousins.
Witches' hair
Snowman noses and giant thumbs and a few other food items that will make me gag if I try to write about them. (Gross food names and my stomach don't get along. Seriously--how did I get four boys?)

Cleaning out the last of the garden...carrots and potatoes

And for those of our friends who wonder where our children got their competitiveness, check out this video. It has to be genetic. This is the oldest cousin and the last to take a whack at trying to outsmart Grandpa and the pinata. How many of you have family parties like this!

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