Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lucky 100!

This is my 100th blog post! That is kind of exciting I must say. It is really nice to be able to look back at pictures and posts and remember what we have learned and what we have been up to.

Jenna and I had a violin recital this weekend. Jenna played Lightly Row and I played Bouree from book two. It's kind of funny that I started playing again--with the same teacher who taught me years and years ago. Neither of us practice as much as we should but we are learning. (it was a costume recital--I was a witch and Jenna was a snow queen).

This is Benson flashing Rustin's favorite smile (cracks Rustin up every time...) and this is just minutes before he fell sound asleep.

I finally got sick of the horrible shiny gold 1980's light fixture in the dining room. I found some little lamp shades at Lowe's for $1.47 and a can of black spray paint. I took a giant box and held it up around the fixture and sprayed it black and wallah! a new fixture. The one I really want is $200 but the mere $11.82 price tag for this one helps ease the disappointment! I also hung a garage sale find shelf above the window to hold the curtains. Now that's it's (almost) Christmas I am ready to get some lights up there. One of these days I'm going to take an electric wiring class...
{by the way--I just learned yesterday that all this time Benson thought I was saying DYING room--like go get the plates in the dying room... No wonder he looked at me so strange whenever I asked!}

Everything else here is great. Benson got a pretty good sized burn on his hand when he ran up behind the 4-wheeler on Saturday. ouch. He doesn't seem to be hurting anymore though.
We measured Austin at my parents house on Sunday and he is almost a full two inches taller than Dallin and Landon were at his age. Hmmm. This boy is totally destined for football we think.
I have been working on getting the closets reorganized. I have determined that none of the holiday projects I want to do can start until I finish the projects. Me with organized laundry/clothing. That will seriously be worthy of a post all its own.


VicandNanc said...

Happy 100th post! I have a ways to go until I get to that. It would probably help if I had internet at home! That little smile of Benson's makes me laugh & so cute he thought it was a dying room. I sure CAN'T wait for all of this fun stuff (although, after reading about all of your kids injuries, I can wait for that!)

Emily said...

Seriously, Kim. Your light looks SO CUTE! Miss you guys!

Juli said...

You rock. I love the light fixture. Dave Ramsey would be proud of you too.

sariah said...

I LOVE what you did to your light fixture! Maybe if we end up staying I'll do that to the light/ceiling fan in the master bedroom. It is the shiniest gold thing I've ever seen- waaay ugly. When I lay in bed I look at it and wonder who ever could have thought it looked good, even back then? So, thanks. Your cheap fix is an inspiration!