Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween already???

Ah--another week has flown by.

Jenna decided to join Benson in the quest to become immune to all things. Unfortunately her sickness left her weezy and very short of breath--at 2 am.
Thankfully we have a nebulizer at the house. Unfortunately Jenna thinks that breathing treatments don't work unless I am holding her in the rock-a-bye.

Actually I don't mind. And Benson very courteously kept us entertained all day today.

The afternoon was really rough for Jenna with lots of crying and trying not to cough (but not worse than 2 am this morning...). Tonight she still has a fever but is feeling much better.

Austin finally got to have his turn for family home evening lesson tonight. He was thrilled to be able to cause his parents the joy of a face full of flour. The lesson: Stay away from the edge. Don't try to get close to things that aren't good. Everyone gave examples of things that could be acceptable but might be pushing a bit too close to the edge. Ex: drinking energy drinks--or for us caffeine in general, listening to bad music, not wearing clean white shirts to church...(we've been working on being presentable to pass the sacrament for Sunday mornings). The game is to try to cut the flour away from the penny as close as possible without making it fall...

You get the picture.

We are not ready for Halloween. I still have to make a witch dress to Jenna's specifications (and they are specific...) and a werewolf costume.

Any ideas on that one?

Thankfully Benson wants to be a knight which is a costume I could easily provide for the entire neighborhood.
And I am in charge of a first grade party.
Hmmm--everything has to be done by Thursday.
I hope we will be able to leave the house by Thursday!


Juli said...

Kim, I'm so sorry that Jenna is sick(especially since I called you at 10pm tonight - I bet you're beat!) I'm glad you have a nebulizer. We got plenty of use out of ours. I love the family home evening idea. What a great lesson! I'll be using that one next week.

Ash said...

Mom always thru great halloween parties. She'll give you some fun ideas if you're stumped! I hope Jenna feels better soon, and no one else gets sick.

sariah said...

It sounds like another Super Mom week! Good luck getting it all done! :-)

Nicole said...

One of my favorite Halloween memories was making costumes with you for our kids! Hope the kids get better in time to trick-or-treat!