Friday, March 13, 2009

Who needs a convertable?

We do not have prissy barbies around here. Not when they can ride in style courtesy of a bright yellow dump truck. Life's fun with four brothers!

Jen and Ben continually make us laugh at their 'games' which seem endless and always involve a trip outside no matter the weather--seriously--Jen should be a mail carrier some day.

This morning Benson came to me very distraught saying, "somebody elses's talk is in my mouth."
Then he started crying--"Get that other person's talk out of my mouth. It hurts on the ceiling (pointing in his mouth)."

He kept reaching back into his throat to the "ceiling" where it hurt. Then he curled up on my lap and went to sleep. At 10 am.

When Rustin came home Benson finally started saying his ear hurt so we started to figure it out. I was able to take him in to the doctor right then. He has a raging ear infection (to go along with the thick green gunk that plagues his existence--though it has been better since the tonsils are gone). Tonight after he was feeling better he said to me "the other person's talk is out of my mouth." I finally figured out what he had been saying.

Clearly he meant 'voice' not 'talk' and I think his own voice sounded like someone else's voice because of the fluid in his ear. And the pain in the 'ceiling' was up at the back/top of his throat near his ears.

Anyway, he's feeling better and he swallows pills like a champ so all is well.

We are looking forward to spring break. YEAH! This afternoon Dallin and Landon were persuaded ($7.50 each) to sort and put away all the laundry and clean the entire basement. They did a good job. It was totally worth it to me! I am looking forward to no homework and no rushing to beat the tardy bell! Woo Hoo!

What are we reading right now? Book four of the Tennis Shoes among the Nephites.


beck said...

You should come visit us for spring break. We would love it!

Emily said...

Kim, reading about your family puts a smile on my face!!!

Benson reminds me of the story in the Children's Book of Virtues called "Please". He is so cute.