Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heaven on Earth...

An ENTIRE day with my husband to myself. It was Rustin's birthday Monday and he took the whole day off work. He humored me in the morning and helped me get the house all spic and span (who can enjoy a day with a messy house?). Then we farmed the kids out to all their really great friends for the afternoon and evening (we had a babysitter at our house for bed time) and we headed to Boise.

We went shopping for ourselves, I mean the kids, and pretty much got all the gifts done. Except for my mom and dad. What do you give parents who have everything and to whom you owe everything?

We listened to great Christmas music and spent lots of time talking. My family met us at PF Chang's for dinner (so awesome)and then we headed over to The Christmas Sweater.

The show had a great message. Very inspiring. The main thing we took away is that though life can be very hard and we make mistakes, our challenge is to face the storms head on and have faith that we can overcome with the help of the Savior.

I was particularly impressed with the film they showed about Jon Huntsman during the intermission. He is a billionaire who has managed to keep himself grounded and righteous. He lived in a 600 sq. foot house with cardboard walls as a boy. He remembers having only one shirt to wear to school and he remembers the other kids making fun of him. He was once facing bankruptcy and he mortgaged everything he had so he could still donate to the charities who were counting on him. I find that really amazing. He does so much good in the world. And he says his goal is to die broke. I love it.

We are happy and busy here. I have to teach my first relief society lesson Sunday which makes me nervous. We are also in the final stages of preparing for the Christmas program. Which makes me even more nervous.

Rustin had one of his home teaching husbands die this week. He has taught them for years and was with them when the wife was baptized and when they went to the temple to be sealed. They didn't have children. He died of complications from a ruptured appendix. He had been to the doctor the day before he died (after having been in intensive care for almost two weeks). The funeral was really simple and very touching. Surprising how much peace we can have even when things are very difficult. We still have a lot to learn!

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