Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's Labor Day anyway?

We got home from our camping trip on Saturday, so that gave us Monday to unpack and clean up. The kids were glad when we reminded them it was a holiday and they didn't have school. They asked us what we were going to do for fun. We reminded them it is called Labor day for a reason. (They were thrilled about that):)

We got a lot done. We cleaned up all the summer remnants on the back porch and lawn. We also moved furniture and dusted floorboards and walls and we organized and cleaned out shoes and washed the sheets and blankets.

Fortunately for the boys, Uncle Tom came to the rescue and took them to the fair on Monday afternoon. They of course had a blast. Jenna and Benson were pacified when we took them to the video store and let them pick out any movie they wanted (Barbie Mariposa and Superheros). It will be good to get back to a schedule again on Tuesday. The main project this week will be to help my mom and Ashlee get ready for the wedding on Saturday. Yea!


Harmers said...

Kim, Hooray!! I don't look at comments much, but did today. I am glad you found my blog. How is Idaho? I found the blog layout on cutestblogontheblock or something like that. Now I have to read all your stuff, so I can catch up. Hope you guys are doing well! Sarah

Vicky said...

Kim, I was there for your fist broken arm remember? You were so classically calm. When Ryan saw your comment he and I laughed at the prank calls that he gave you in school. I told him he should write you a random comment about having left something at you house or about how much he loves you.
Anyway, your family is adorable, and your blog is such a fun read. So how come you left AZ? I'm asking because we are thinking of moving there next summer. Thanks for finding me, it's so fun to keep intouch with old friends.